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EOCCA is maniacal and quite rude.My cell phone was associated with some female (which I am not).

when I called to remove my number, the guy was rude, obnoxious, TOLD me to wait on hold. He was then quite accusatory, asking several times if I truly did not know this female. I have no idea who or what EOCCA is but based on how I was treated, I hope EOCCA continues to receive horrible reviews until they put some people with intelligence on the other end of the phone line.

Stop calling me you pit bull organization.Thank you!

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San Francisco, California, United States #643750

Just received a phone call asking for accounts payable for my business.15 years ago we disconnected and paid all fees with a remote telephone number.

15 years later we are getting calls demanding payment from these guys. Advised them the statue of 6 years has been exceeded twice if we owed them something, which we don't.

The "***" then stated I am trying to ditch my responsibilites and deny we owe them anything.These guys are shake down artist and I wouldn't pay them anything even if I owed it

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #619572

EOCCA is the company that the Department of Education gave my account to.The started by calling me on my cell, at my work, and calling everyone that had the same (uncommom) last name I had, including both my parents who informed me of the calls.

I folloed the instructions I recieved on line to get them to stop calling my family and work.

A month later, I recieved a Notice of Garnishment letter from the department of ed (of course it arrived over a week after the official notice date).I just faxed them all my papers to prove the garnishment would cause a financial hardship.


I have had this agency call me about a student loan that was payed for years ago by taking my tax refund until it was payed in full.It was a little over 5000.00 Dollars and they took every dime i owed from my tax refunds in past years.How about this year after recieving my return for the past 12 years they The Department of Education starts with taking my 2012 refund,and on top of that they have turned my account over to the EOCCA,and they are threating to garnish my wages.Is this legal,when they have already taken funds from me.I need help legal help asap. :cry


This place keeps calling my 95 year old grandmother because the jack a$$ across the hall have them her number.I have told them 50

Times that the *** *** doesn't live at the number they are calling and they keep on calling.

This company is *** as ***.If they wanted to collect money why don't they get a lawyer to hunt the son of a *** down that owes them instead of annoying a 95 year old woman.


eocca is they are calling on a debt that I paid off 3 years ago.

I told them to *** off. They kept calling.. so I pretended to think they were the pizza place I ordered a pizza from. The little snips on the phone got so mad they hung up on me.

This always works to get rid of them..

it took like two days of "where is my pizza" before they stopped


They keep calling my cell phone while I'm at work asking for my husband that I'm separated from.I've called to have my name and number removed from the report.

This was a collection account he got when he was 20 years old (now 32). Don't know why he never took care of it but it sure isn't my problem! Stop calling me! Don't know what to tell them but because I know this person they expect me to pay it for him!

I don't think so.Isn't this harassment?


On more than once occasion, a collection agency has called for my ex-husband's new wife.She's NEVER lived here; NEVER had this number...they actually don't even live in the same city as I do.

EOCCA left a VM; I called to have the number removed (as prompted by the VM). First got "Jesus" who hung up on me immediately. I called back and was again hung up on. Decided to call from my cell and not landline.

Got "Tommy" who was MUCH nicer when I explained that not only was I not Lindsey, that I knew how to find her and gave them her number.Ta da!


Just got a call from those clowns today. Some snippy little girl who sounded lkike she was about 22 was trying to ***-rush me into paying a Verizon account I closed and paid in full last February. When I disputed the amount claimed due, She starts insisting that Verizon has "audited" and "verified" my account balance of $880 (it was never that high when the account was active) and she says "we don't have the documents" when I asked her for proof; all she could say is "Verizon's proved it" and tells me it's "going on your credit in 24 hours if you don't pay it now". She actually had the nerve to tell me to "pay it now and deal with Verizon later". When I refused, she said "then we'll keep calling and adding collection charges and interest". told me to have a nice day, and hung up.

What this little c*** doesn't know is EOCCA is breaking the law by reporting an unverifiable account to credit bureaus. I have previously used a very good law firm - Lemberg & Associates - that's made a nice business of suing collection agencies. The last outfit that tried to bully me ended up paying 4 times as much as they were trying to collect - the amount claimed "owed" plus my legal fees.

I highly recommend Lemberg. Google them for their number.


they have been calling here for weeks, asking for a Sharon Trinidad.Don't know anyone by that name.

have called them repeatedly to remove my number and they have yet to do so. they are always rude and condescending.

some will call you names and try to get your info, ( I guess to harass you for questioning them ).Talked to a " Kevin Smith " today who claimed that I have never called to have my number removed.


They keep calling our business looking for a woman who was canned about 3 months ago.Every time they call we tell them she is gone and yet they keep calling.

It's a running joke around the office now.Just a sign of a bunch of retards working in a boiler room environment.

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